Is Our Movement The Key To Balance?

“Movement is key to balance. The body is never still. Neurological activity is sign of lif, cessation of neurological activity, a sign of death.”

( Body Stories, Andrea Olsen p.51)

Dancing is definitely about rythm in our daily life and about our movement to this rythm. It is also about creating everything from nothing. About filling emptiness and emptying what is already full. It is also about uncertainity of certain, but eventhough transcedent constants. Such as PI (which happens to provide also initials for my name. . . 

Nothing makes clearer, that it is impossible to find perfect square of a circle, than the constant PI. Knowing that, all we can do is  to search for balance by way of to dancing in circles …

Nothing in our lives stays still. Paradoxically, the search for stillness is the reason behind never ending drive for changed positions. The moment we do feel balance, however, it is just for a brief moment… Just enough for us to recognize that just for this moment we are in controll – the evidence that we are alive.

The only brief moments in which we feel our balance, are also the only rewards we can get.